To Know Me…

On The Wings Of ChangeI am a wife and stay-at-home mother to 3 beautiful children.

We live on the coast.  I love waking in the morning to see the fog lifting off the water and falling asleep at night in the summer to waves crashing on the shore.  I love the sound of the geese honking and the frogs croaking.  I love watching the fox cross the road and the deer  in the field.

I love traveling.  I  love Foxwoods in Connecticut.  My husband and I try to plan a trip there at least once a year for just the two of us.  On our “one day and we’ll get there” list we have Alaska and Tuscany.

I love to cook!  I love the process- going to the market, picking out fresh ingredients and creating a meal around those ingredients.  I love playing with flavors and texture.  It is more gratifying for me to see my family eat something I have cooked from ’scratch’ than seeing them eat something from a box.

One of my passions is taking pictures. I carry my camera everywhere. I love taking pictures of my family, my pets, scenery, and wildlife.  To me, EVERYTHING IS UNIQUE and picture worthy.

I love to draw/sketch.  I wish I had more time to do more of it.  I enjoy looking at art in various forms- from the written word to photography, drawings, paintings and sculptures.

I love knitting. I love when it is 3/4 of the way completed and you get that rush of getting it done. You can find all my knitting projects on My Page at Ravelry.

Want to contact me? Leave a comment or click my image above to email me.

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