Thank you Mother Nature for this lovely gift of a cold you have bestowed upon me.  How can I ever repay you for the continued coughing, sneezing,  sniffling and inability to sleep?  Perhaps I could knit you something and maybe I would, that is, if i didn’t have to use my hands to continually wipe my nose!!  So, instead, I will rummage through my saved pictures and post one of my adorable Miss Lucy Lou.  The cuteness always makes me feel better.

© On The Wings Of Change 2011


New Knitting Project

I am still sick, yet I managed to start a new project in between coughs, sneezes, cold chills and naps.  As per usual, I found the pattern on Ravelry.  It’s called The Tanner Hat and was designed by Gina Johnson.  I thought it was a good masculine type hat that would fit my husband and his personality.  I’ll post the details of the yarn I used and any modifications after I’m completed or you can click HERE to go to my Ravelry page for project details now.

© On The Wings Of Change 2011

© On The Wings Of Change 2011

New Blog

Due to a troublemaker, I had to ditch my old blog and set up this new one with an anonymous name.  So, this is my first official post on this blog.  The two older posts are transferred over from my previous one.  I’ll be moving over some older pictures in the next couple of days.  Please, hang in there with me during this transition.