My Copyright Information

My Copyright Information

What you can and can not do with material found here.

Regarding my written word:

You are free to copy anything I have written on any part of this blog to use for your own personal benefit on your own website, blog, or off line providing:

  • 1. You have listed me (On The Wings Of Change) as the creator/author
  • 2. You have provided a link to my site
  • 3. It is not being posted in an online forum or chat room with a link back to my site
  • 4. You are not making money from it
  • 5. You are not allowed to alter, transform or build upon my work in any way without expressed consent from me
  • 6. You are not allowed to give my work to others without crediting me

You may not use my material for any reason whenever you see this disclaimer:

*You are not entitled to use any part of this for any reason without my written consent*

Regarding my photos, drawings and other creative contributions:

These belong to me and me alone.  You are not allowed to copy and use them for any reason at anytime; regardless of a copyright sign beneath them or not.


If there is a protected post (the ones where you see the disclaimer I listed above), photo, etc. and you would like to use it, you must contact me and get my written permission.  You can contact me by either leaving a comment or clicking my picture (the one with my name in it) to email me.

Other notes:

  • 1. Failure to follow any of these rules will force me to seek legal action.
  • 2. I reserve the right to change any of these permissions and limitations at any time without notice.
  • 3. You may use my Copyright Info as a template to create your own with no special permissions or limitations.


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